Bullet Cell: Not Family Friendly, But Close Enough

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Photos via Bullet Cell on Facebook
Sometimes you just need to, as the children say, rock your balls off. That feeling just gets into your brain (or your balls, we suppose). You want some guys to just beat the hell out of their instruments, preferably in at least a semi-ear-pleasing manner, preferably while wearing little to no makeup.

And that's exactly what Bullet Cell does. They strum and beat and yell and kick and you're all the better for it.

Bullet Cell is a mostly mysterious group. They have a Facebook page, but you're able to glean about as much information from it as you could how nuclear fusion works from a first-grader. So we reached out to talk about a few things, including how they got into a fight while writing one of their songs, what a bullet cell is and Malcolm Gladwell.

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Rocks Off: : Tell everyone everything they need to know about Bullet Cell in exactly six words.

Bullet Cell, "Anybody There"

Bullet Cell: We will rock your faces off... final answer!

RO: Can you talk a little about what was going on when you all made "Battles"? Did you want to murder someone? That's our guess.

BC: Yeah, we wanted to kill each other one day so Jay, Reed, Rocco and I passed the microphone around and co-wrote the tune. It ended in a fist fight but we got a good song out of it.

RO: Oh, and since you mention it in that particular song, can you please explain exactly what a bullet cell is? It's not related to Microsoft Excel or anything, is it?

BC: Our lead guitarist Rocco actually thought of the name. I just thought it sounded cool. But the meaning behind it to me is that, We believe our minds and words are a dangerous set of weapons -our words being bullets, our minds being the cell.

A bullet is just an object, but with the right momentum the impact can affect something dramatically. We do apologize for choosing a name you couldn't Google, but we like that.

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