Z-Ro Actually Smiles, Laughs - We Have Proof!

zro feb2.jpg
Marco Torres
Z-Ro at Arena Theatre, Jan. 22, 2011
This morning, one of Rocks Off's readers in Dallas sent us an email. In fact, that sentence was almost the headline of this blog - apparently we actually have readers up there, so maybe those North Texans Southern Oklahomans aren't as hopeless as we thought.

Nah. Our Metroplex mole, one Brian Reddick, used to live in League City (CCISD represent!), and obviously his taste for fine music blogging hasn't been diluted by the DFW media. Yet. Brian took a little time out of freezing, enjoying various Super Bowl Week activities like picking up strippers at the airport, or whatever it is he's doing today to share with us a few YouTube clips he found.

Within some circles, what we are about to show you is tantamount to the Lost City of Atlantis. Not really, but it does prove that notoriously dour MC Z-Ro does have a funny bone. Kind of a big one, too. Watching the Mo City Don lose his composure in a parking garage and at a gas station has already made our day. Enjoy.

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