Yann Tiersen's Icy Houston Odyssey

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While everyone in Houston was huddled inside their homes last Friday hiding from the ice monster, Yann Tiersen and his band were exploring our city, full of hanging icicles, lonely streets, and empty rock clubs.

A camera crew captured the band warming up in the backstage area of Fitzgerald's before their in-store across town at Cactus Music, plus little ambient images of their day in Houston.

Rocks Off actually randomly walked into the in-store after work, looking for plastic LP sleeves and a copy of Ryan Adams' Rock N Roll album. You know, the one with Billie Joe Armstrong on it? We found the album, but not the sleeves.

Save a few viewings of Amelie, for which he did the soundtrack, we hadn't heard much of Teirsen and his crew before the in-store, but we dug it quite a bit.

It's always great seeing an outsider's view of your city, because they can see things that you ignore. Trees. Birds on telephone wires. The bright pink of the 59 Diner Sign at dusk. The faces of people enthralled by music, including a few recognizable local musicians, and Clay Walker promo materials.

It will make sense once you watch the video.

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The name of the last song in the video is "Palestine", on Dust Lane


what is the name of the song Yann Tiersen is performing at Cactus?

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