Tangerine: Yacht Rock, Golden Triangle-Style

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Ahh, Yacht Rock... Yacht Rock...Back in 2006, when we were still the music editor here, this unlikeliest of pop revivals filled our tattered sails with it's magical zephyr: The raw power of really smooth music.

While those days now seem as long ago as Jim Messina's relevance on the national charts, a recent music history post on irreverent Beaumont blog The Bayou brought us right back to those balmy bayside barbecues with Michael, Donald, Christopher, Kenny and tragically harpooned master of ceremonies Coco.

And so, after the jump, straight from the Club Laffitte at the Beaumont Holiday Inn, Rocks Off brings you the band Tangerine, from the City of Orange.

They're a lil' bit country, a lil' bit rock, with a lil' bit of y'know - funky stuff - thrown in. And needless to say, these Neches River Yacht Rockers are all the way smooth...

Love that falsetto and the chick in that Olivia Newton-John/Stevie Nicks get-up...

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Well, many people love rock music since 60th century and this one will remind us of those days and how rock music rule our heart.

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