Winter Wallace Doodles Up Support For Autism Research

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Winter Wallace, local singer-songwriter and front woman of the Winter Wallace Band, has the voice of a celestial being and, evidently, the heart of one too. Wallace recently started a project called "Autism & Art," where she will be collaborating with artists across various media to raise money for autism research and schools that support and teach autistic children.

"My original idea was for just well-known Houston artists. I thought, 'I could this to Lisa Chow...Oooo! I could send one to Shelby Hohl!!'" she says. "Then I thought, 'I could send one to everyone!'

"So, the process has begun. Things are moving fast, and I plan to keep it that way," Wallace adds. "I've sent requests to artists such as John Alexander and Camille Rose Garcia as well."  

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Wallace will be sending out blank vinyl "Doodle Toy" figurines to artists, musicians, actors, fashion designers, and other creative forces for them to decorate however they see fit, then hold a silent auction this October to raise money. Her wish list of artists and contributors has been expanding ever since she conceived the project.

"Will they doodle for the cause?" Wallace wonders out loud. "I have no idea. If they don't, will I be sad? No way! I totally understand, and I'm completely ecstatic about the amazing people who are involved already."

Doodle donations aren't limited to artists and musicians. Anyone can submit their work. Those wishing to contribute to the project should purchase their own Doodle Toys at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and mail them in.

Wallace has even stockpiled enough extra Doodle Toys to personally send some out to anyone unable to buy their own. Wallace is passionate about her cause as well as the creativity that it's bred in her own life and the lives she affects every day.

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Mark C Austin
Mark C Austin

Awesome! Keep up the great work, Winter. You inspire others to do the same.

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