Last Night: Tapes 'n Tapes At Fitzgerald's

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Tapes 'n Tapes
February 17, 2011

Thursday night, music fans of Houston faced a tough decision: We had to decide between shows by two stellar bands that infiltrated our fare city on the very same night. While we headed to Fitzgerald's to see Minneapolis indie-rockers Tapes 'n Tapes, Canadian collective Broken Social Scene played across town at Warehouse Live. Our lives are so full of tough hipster decisions; we should always be this lucky.

Considering it's still dipping into frigid teen temperatures in the band's hometown of Minneapolis (that's called "winter" outside of Texas), we're sure the Minnesota quartet was pleased to be in Houston Thursday, as our balmy 70-degree temperature felt like anything but winter.

Tapes 'n Tapes, currently touring in support of their third album, this year's Outside, took the Fitz stage fashionably late, to a visibly enthused crowd.

"What's up, Houston?" singer/guitarist Josh Grier posed simply, before delving into opener, Outside's "On and On." Barely breaking for a collective breath, they continued straight into "Conquest," from 2008's Walk it Off.

Just a few songs into the set and two things were already clear: Tapes 'n Tapes were there with the sole purpose to deliver as many songs as they could cram into their set, and the crowd was there to contentedly soak them up. As each song concluded, another immediately started; T'nT delivered an array of tracks spanning their discography; while new material was most prominently featured, frequent revisits to their 2005 self-released debut The Loon, were made, including the obvious crowd-pleaser and venue-appropriate "In Houston."

"Everyone likes to come out on Thursday nights in Houston, I guess!" Grier appreciatively acknowledged to his lively crowd. The band, in a rare break from delivering their crammed set list, addressed the crowd as they recalled their last visit to Houston, at Super Happy Fun Land. "I remember that place had a ton of cats around," Grier reflected.

"Cats are great, but [keyboardist] Matt [Kretzman] is highly allergic to them! So, we like it here at Fitz."

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Fuck Tape's n Tapes. I was at the show and I felt that they completely disrespected Tax the Wolf. When the lead singer said Tax the Fox I was ready to throw my beer at his dumbass face. Luckily, I refrained from performing such a violent act and decided to pop his ego back stage. In the green room, as tapes & shits were waiting to go back on stage for their encore, I walked up to the lead singer, looked him straight in the eye and I told him "Hey, your music sounds fucking flat. You should get that fixed!"

Additionally, I received confirmation that dicks n tapes were being very rude backstage to the Tax the Wolf. Going to the extent of ordering security to kick them out of the green room. Fuck them! Fuck Minnasota! & Fuck Tapes!

Support Local Music! Support Houston!


"they are a modestly unassuming indie powerhouse"


Any smoke machine?

Neph Basedow
Neph Basedow

Thanks, McWhip! No smoke machine... ("modest"). Doesn't Dr. Dog have the monopoly on utilizing smoke machines at small-to-mid-size venues, anyhow?

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