Ex-Clear Channel Exec Goes Online, Local With Radio Katy

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John Swift was Director of Productions for Clear Channel Houston until 2009, but his latest project is taking him off the airwaves and into the world of streaming audio with the launch of his Internet station, Radio Katy.

Rocks Off has a love/hate relationship with Houston's biggest western suburb. One of our main complaints is the populace's seeming unwillingness to leave Katy for any length of time, and giving them a dedicated source of music isn't likely to end that unwillingness any time soon. Still, Katy's population continues to boom, and it sports some of the finest school music programs in Texas.

Perhaps the time is right for the suburb to have its unique voice heard.

"I felt Katy, like many other small cities, needed a voice on the air," says Swift via email. "We needed a medium similar to terrestrial radio to share thoughts and ideas without the expense of a costly transmitter or FCC approval. We needed a place to share information that we consider to be newsworthy to Katy and our surrounding communities."

Swift's other goal is to begin helping local musical talent reach a wider market, a goal becoming more and more important as the threat of KTRU's shutdown continues to loom ahead. Though access to the FM dial would still disappear almost completely for local acts, perhaps two dedicated online presences could equal the boost that the Rice staff currently gives to the Houston unsigned.

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Not this kind of radio Katy, boys.
"We have lots of talented local musicians, overlooked by today's terrestrial radio and record companies, [who] deserve more," said Swift. "I am currently accepting music for our stream from a variety of artists in and around Katy, Texas."

Submitting music for review by the station is as easy as sending an MP3 to Swift's email address, radiokaty at aol dot com. The criteria for selection thus far is only that members of the band be from the Katy area, the music is professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered, and that the lyrics are family-friendly. No cursing.

Swift plans to expand the stream into new venues as the station grows, such as live on-air performances. A test stream will be started soon, and Radio Katy is expected to launch later this month or in early March.

"My goal is simple yet important in that I have the power to give Katy, Texas, a voice for all to hear thanks to today's technology," says Swift. "I hope to help not only my community but other communities to do the same."

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Oh god. The only thing that's going to come out of this are 15 year old blondes playing chords and singing some sappy song over it and some pretentious, lame ass "metal or rock" band made up of pre-pubuscent douchebags who don't have a lick of musical talent, theory, or creativity. Seriously, there's a reason no good music has come out of Katy, it's because there's no musical talent in Katy. I graduated from Taylor High School last year and let me say, being there for 4 years, among these kids born and raised in Katy (Seattle native here), I soon realized this place was as creative as your next "pop star" diva, basically not. The kids there are some of the most ignorant, sheltered ones you will ever see/meet, orgasmically accepting whatever bile MTV shoves down their throats next as the rise of Christ. I was lucky enough to meet a group of people whom i have been best friends with ever since that ACTUALLY have a passion for REAL music (be it metal, punk, hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, indie, etc.) and free thought, not this "I have an acoustic guitar and can play three chords therefore I'm a musician" shite that these heathens refer to as music. Of course my group and I, consisting of five or so of us, were branded as outcasts and losers because we agreed to disagree about the newest Lil Wayne track being, as a white, trust funded, pink collared shirt wearing, self proclaimed "G" put it, "the bees knees", although we were and are the ones who piled all into one tiny car to get to a B L A C K I E and Fat Tony show an hour away in the heart of downtown. The ones who spend hours talking about Miles Davis' revolutionary work, Herbie Hancocks compositions, Al Di Meolas exemplary guitar technique, etc. The ones who actually practice and hone our craft on numerous instruments, from guitar to bass to turntables to beat production in and on a number of different recording and production platforms such as Audacity, Reaper, Ableton, Fruity Loops, MPC, SP. Yet, were the ones who know nothing about music because if it has a danceable beat that I could produce in five minutes, it's good enough to appease the Keystone Light drinking bros and the dimwitted drunk girls that spread their legs 30+ times throughout the course of highschool, then go to cheer practice and Young Life the next morning. This rant is in vain though, as John Swift will go on and launch this thing and these morons will eat every last bit of it up, but good for them I guess, good music would be wasted on their ears, better to fill them with maneur than roses. Fuck.

Jef With Another F
Jef With Another F

And I don't mean to insult or start something, but that's a pretty fucking pretentious thing to say coming from someone who expects people to read his articles and depends on people to not be "TL:DR".

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