On The Seal Again: Willie Nelson's Fine Flippered Friend

Willie and seal feb23.JPG
Willie Nelson on Facebook
Rocks Off came across this picture of Willie Nelson shaking hands with one of his pinniped fans on the singer's Facebook page this morning, and immediately knew we had to share it.

Little did we know that the Red Headed Stranger has long had an affinity for these adorable, extremely smelly whiskered mammals. In fact, many of his best-loved songs began as tributes to the barking fish-lovers. We hear Willie can even speak a little seal, lending credibility to the longstanding rumor he is actually one of the mythical Irish sea creatures called selkies.

You're skeptical, we can tell. But check it out.

On the Seal Again

Shotgun Seal

Bloody Mary Seal

Beer for My Seals

Seal Is Still Moving To Me

Seal Flying Too Close To The Ground

To All The Seals I've Loved Before

Seven Spanish Seals

My Seals Have Always Been Cowboys

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Seals

The Last Seal I Needed, the First Seal This Morning

Hands On the Seal

Good Hearted Seal

Time of the Seal

Hello Seals

Unless he has to present another award to Merle Haggard or Houston gets a freak late-spring ice storm, Nelson's April 28 show at Verizon Wireless Theater is still on. And still sold out, we assume.

Seal sold separately. Seals and Croft could not be reached for comment.

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Eazy Muthaphukkin E
Eazy Muthaphukkin E

If you look closely you can see the seal is actually handing Mr. Nelson a phat sac of sea-weed.


If there has ever been a picture that screamed for a caption contest, this one is probably it.

I am somewhat amazed, confused – maybe impressed – by the lack of any marijuana references in this article.

I’m going to have think about this a lot more…


They could have, SHOULD HAVE, screamed for the seal to look at the camera.

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