Musicians Will Shill Literally Anything For A Buck

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This Sunday, the Super (Marketing) Bowl will enlist the help of the Prince of Darkness to target a new demographic: The Glee-ber market. With Glee's season premiere directly following the game, advertisers hope to seduce younger spectators into watching through bait like Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne dressed in futuristic, stormtrooper-esque costumes to hawk big-box electronics chain Best Buy.

This incongruous duo worked together for the commercial only a few weeks after Ozzy claimed to not even know who Justin Bieber was. We're hoping he still doesn't., and we're also not quite sure how vital Ozzy is to the market Best Buy is aiming for.

Rocks Off is adding this pairing to our list of misplaced musician marketing mash-ups. It won't be Ozzy's first time around the Super Bowl ad block - he teamed up with the Osmonds (he probably had no idea who they were either) for a Pepsi Twist commercial in 2003.

Rock stars have worked alongside some odd company, endorsing some pretty unusual things. But hey, they gotta get paid, son, even if it means dressing up like you're on the set of Tron: Legacy with a pre-pubescent boy you don't know, selling something you'll never use to consumers to whom you're irrelevant.

Here are a few other examples of some of the hardest, most swagged-out rock icons pimping some pretty bizarre products.

alicecooper feb3.jpg
Alice Cooper and British TV star Ronnie Corbett worked together for Sky, a British cable company.

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Chris Rockett
Chris Rockett

I can well believe that Ozzy does not know who Justin Bieber is.

Do you think that Ozzy is on YouTube and Twitter all the time when he has heads to bite off! ;-)

- Chris

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