MCM: More Local Music News Than Downtown Street Repairs

Rocks Off mines away all week at this mysterious mountain of Internet just to find all the precious local music news we can.

hashbrown-relatiohshit  feb18.jpg
This week's honorary soundtrack comes courtesy of HasHBrown, who dropped his Relationsh*t EP on Valentine's Day.

MCM is sad to say goodbye to Weird Party and, belatedly, long-term alt-rockers While You Were Gone, who bowed out of the scene a couple months ago, but say hello to Square And Compass, a post-punk/post-hardcore gang we came across this week. Preview their tunes on their site as well as their Reverbnation profile.

IndieHouston also sheds light on Bunny Talk, a new project from Patrick Sailor.

On top of that, The Julys are back and active. We thought this band might have thrown in the towel too, but it seems they were just on hiatus. They've got a spiffy new video for a track called "Bowie" and are prepping to record an EP.

Let's talk about shows, shall we? As previously mentioned, Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen will be at House of Blues tonight with her band Pretty Reckless. There's plenty more on the calendar as well.

  • The Wheel Workers release have a CD release at Walter's tonight, with The Orbans and Featherface rounding out the bill.
  • Chase Hamblin is set to re-release his A Fine Time EP on Steady Boy Records, with a show at The Continental Club on Saturday, as well as a stop at Cactus Music earlier that afternoon.
  • Also, Robyn brings her sparkle to Warehouse Live on Saturday.
  • On Monday noted instrumentalist Unwed Sailor comes through town, with Giant Cloud, Co-Pilot, and Warbler PL as support.
  • Next week's traditional Whiskey Wednesday will be even stronger proof, as Robert Ellis opens for Memphis ruffians Lucero.

Houston, here's a shot at being in another music video. James Templeton and Chris Patterson are working on one for LIMB and are looking for more people. They'll be shooting Sunday and Monday night, and this Hands Up post has the details. They've already posted a trailer for "Smootherboy" on Vimeo, and it looks quite intriguing.

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