Graphic: When Festival Booking Goes Too Far

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Jazzfest 11 garland robinette feb16.jpg
Garland Robinette
Yes, this is the real Jazz Fest 2011 poster, and that's really Jimmy Buffett.
Every spring, New Orleans puts on something called the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. But as Jazz Fest has grown more and more popular, the headlining acts have had less and less to do with jazz or New Orleans heritage; this year, headliners include Kid Rock, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett and, of course, recent Album of the Year winners Arcade Fire.

Inviting artists like that to your Jazz & Heritage Festival is sort of like holding something called the Ragtime and Bonzo Skiffle-palooza and inviting Metallica. It just doesn't gel. Which led us to imagine: what if other well-known music festivals invited acts that didn't quite fit their theme?

Why, it might look something like...

Photo illustrations by John Seaborn Gray/click images to enlarge
American Folk Festival: Much like the Jazz & Heritage Festival, this year's American Folk Festival will be featuring just about everything but folk music, although we hear Iron Maiden's Dave Murray plays a mean banjo.

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I'm naming my next band hot augmentaions.

Old Salty
Old Salty

Half of The Power Station is dead with Tony Thompson & Robert Palmer both pushing up daisies. So your Glastonbury Power Station reunion would only consist of Andy Taylor & John Taylor. So you end up with almost a Duran Duran show.

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