Grandfather Child Finish Album, Resume Crushing Crowds

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Mark C. Austin
There are two things you need to know about Grandfather Child:

  • They're a super group made up of the best pieces of other bands. The lineup is Lucas Gorham, Ryan Chavez, Robert Ellis and Geoffrey Muller. In case you're not terribly familiar with the Houston independent music scene, this is like saying the team you put together for a four-on-four tournament consists of Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan and Michael Jordan.
  • They will absolutely beat down your block. And they will very likely knock the pictures off your wall while doing so.

Last week, they played at Fitz immediately before Bun B and, to put it plainly, were incredible. [Ed. Note: They were pretty badass at Artopia a few hours before that as well.] So we reached out to them for an interview.

We had planned on talking about all of this really incredible stuff, but instead ended up fumbling with our binder and blushing fervently with middle school fangirl-ness. Off we go.

Rocks Off: The standard Artist of the Week opener: Tell everyone everything they need to know about Grandfather Child in exactly six words.

Grandfather Child: Thankful to be on planet Earth.

RO: You guys absolutely crushed your live show this past weekend at Fitz. It was unreal. Is it y'all's intention to split the Earth in two when you're performing?

GC: That's very nice, thank you. We don't get to perform as Grandfather Child very often, and everyone in the group gets a unique thrill out of our performances unlike any of the other outfits we've ever been a part of. Our intent lies more in playing with enthusiasm and the hope that whomever we're in front of will pick up on it. If we have a great show, it's a result of the crowd's energy encouraging us to perform well.

RO: Have you all ever given any serious thought to changing your name to "God's Gift" or "What An Angel Would Taste Like If You Could Eat One"?

GC: We're not super-keen on alliteration or long band names. So, no.

Grandfather Child, "Dog Water"

RO: The "We are human animals, free absolutely" thing. What's that about?

GC: It's the last line in what would probably be considered our mission statement. It's meant to refer to all human beings, and us, of course.

RO: When is the next proper Grandfather Child album? And will you charge $1 million for it?

GC: Our album will be out this year. We spent the last week of last year and the first week of this year recording it. If someone is willing to buy it for a million dollars, we will sell it to them for a million dollars. We like making one million dollars.

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Marc Brubaker
Marc Brubaker

Bun B should tap them for a backing band. Just sayin.

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