Fat Tony Drops Foodtastic "U Ain't Fat" Video

fat tony meat feb23.JPG
Cleanup on Aisle 7...
Right about now, it's probably getting close to lunchtime at your place of employment, and Fat Tony's new video for "Nigga U Ain't Fat" will put you in the rightful eating mood by the time its three minutes are over.

If you like steak, pie, Kit Kat bars, and pizza, that is.

Directed by local filmmaker Joey Graham, "Fat" chronicles the day in the life of a food-obsessed guy (DJ iPod Ammo) as he hallucinates people as food, or as Fat Tony himself. The track, produced by Tom Cruz, is the leadoff cut on Tony's first full-length album, last year's RABDARGAB.

The girl getting eaten at the end, and not the fun way, is Katie Menowsky. You can also see the director himself for a split second, as the beardo on the treadmill with the grilled chicken legs.

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Fat Tony for the world!


Man, man, man, that video is superb. I don't know why he keeps telling me I'm not fat though, I work out 5 days a month. It's obvious I'm in superb condition.

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