Is Rap Ready For DJ Modesty?

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Last time we talked to Evan Cassidy of the Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe it was to discuss Nicki Minaj's "appearance" in his rap tribute to his ho-baiting dinosaur sweater. Well, Cassidy is back to being the most ironic man in hip-hop with his new video, "DJ Modesty."

Don't know if you've noticed, but rappers are a mouthy lot. If they're not extolling their own virtues at the very limit of hyperbole, they're talking up their friends. It's part of their nature, it's the name of the game. So is it possible for a rapper to be humble and still call himself a rapper?

Rocks Off fired off an email to Cassidy to find out.

Rocks Off: What makes a man modest?

Evan Cassidy: Modesty is being free from vanity and self-indulgence. It's treating others better than you'd like to be treated, word!

RO: Is it possible for a rapper to excel through excessive modesty?

EC: Modesty is generally not a value in hip-hop: rappers constantly boast - they buy fancy cars and brag about how much money they have. As a definitively modest rapper, it can be hard to get my name out there!

It's hard to compete with rappers shouting that they "the best rapper alive" when I'm shouting "I'm pretty good, but not the best!" Nevertheless, Gandhi says good always triumphs over evil!

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RO: Is it wrong to aspire to be the most modest?

EC: I feel it's healthy and positive to try to aspire to be the most modest! In fact, I'm hoping to hold a "Modest Rap Battle" in 2011 with rappers DJ Dick and DinoBoy - the MC with the most modest flows wins!

RO: So, in the end you pretty much reveal that the whole modesty angle is a hoax for bitches and foot-licking, How effective is false modesty in a musician?

EC: I say everything in moderation, even modesty! Sure, I like donating to charity and petting little puppies and all the pansy stuff, but at the end of the day, I like a good foot licking, just like any other rapper!

I try to remain humble at all times, but sometimes it's hard to refrain myself from shouting "I'm DJ Modesty! I'm the most modest rapper of all time! Bow down to me and present me with all sorts of fruits and exotic fish!!"

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LOL, I love this article! DJ Modesty is a noble guy! Spread the modest love!


There's more to Hip Hop than what you hear on the radio, Jef. 99.9% of the radio rap is complete and utter trash, with the "MC's" boasting about themselves, and shit of the sort, in the simplest most untechnical rhymes. There's no depth or intelligence, only ignorance. Listen to Wu-Tang, CYNE, Nas, Lord Finesse, Percee P, J Dilla and Common, to name a few, and compare the intricacy and thought put into it to the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, and whatever other shite passes for Hip Hop these days.

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