Last Night: Underoath And Thursday At Warehouse Live

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Photos by Kendra Berglund
A Skylit Drive
Underoath, Thursday, A Skylit Drive
Warehouse Live
January 20, 2011

Aftermath walked into Warehouse Live a little after 7:30 p.m. Thursday, thinking we would beat the crowd and be there in time to catch all four bands on the bill; we were wrong on both counts. Warehouse was already between 50 and 75 percent capacity, and the first act was nearly done with its set. From what we heard, Animals as Leaders put on a solid performance, and judging by the cheering that came from the crowd as Animals left the stage, the crowd liked them, too.

A Skylit Drive began touring with Underoath and Thursday last night and, although their set was challenged time and time again by technical difficulties, they were determined to have a good time and share that feeling with the crowd. Lead vocalist Michael Jagmin's microphone continued to feed back throughout the entirety of Skylit's first song, and when he motioned to the sound guys and tapped it, obviously indicating technical complications, backup vocalist/bassist's Brian White's mike was accidentally turned off.

During the second song, as it began to crescendo, one of the guitarists tried to jump onto a monitor and lean over the crowd but ended up on his backside. Ouch.

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We covered Underoath's last visit to Houston too, and at the time we didn't quite understand the music or enjoy the band's performances. But Thursday night, Aftermath may have figured it out: it's less about the hitting the notes, playing the right chords or creating a melody; it's about a fast beat and raw, unfiltered emotion conveyed by the performers onstage and shared by those in attendance.

As Thursday took the stage, a dozen or so glow sticks were hurled onto the stage. We're not sure if it's a way for fans to show approval or distaste, but we are sure that the staff didn't appreciate it.

But it was as if it wasn't even happening, because frontman and vocalist Geoff Rickley swung his mike around and around as he and the rest of the band commanded the crowd for nearly an hour, setting the stage and hyping the crowd for Underoath's act.

We may finally understand what mothers mean when they reference the "devil's music." Positive message aside, all these bands make the controversial music of the '70s and '80s sound like lullabies for children. It may have been one of the most excited crowds we've ever seen, truth be told.

And rightfully so, because these guys know how to throw a concert and get fans to have a good time.

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Find someone who actually knows something about Post-Hardcore and Metalcore genres to do reviews of shows with bands in said genres. Seriously, Underoath and Thursday are hardly underground unknown indie groups. Is it really that hard to find someone who has experience with them, or at least understands the style of music they. No one want to read a review from someone who has no fucking clue about this "new fangled loud music." Except maybe my grandpa.

Point to Point
Point to Point

Yeah, AAL is one of the more exciting things happening right now... you could really benefit as a journalist from spending some more time figuring out what's going on.


No review of Animals as Leaders, what a shame


calm down, man. we wrote a review over at our place. come read it if you hate this one. the rocks off people are swell, so cool it.

Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

You talking about Animals as Leaders, the band?

Or the action phrase ...Animals as Leaders... for the political | philosophical environmental movement where human supremacy is seen as the root source problem for survival of the earth?

Or both?


Yeah, unfortunately I walked in as they were playing their last song... I mentioned in the first graf of the article that the crowd loved them and that, from what I heard, they were fantastic, but I didn't feel I heard enough of their set to formulate an opinion.

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