Cracker's David Lowery: The Tea Party Ain't Gonna Suck Itself

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David Lowery on Facebook
Anyone who bought Cracker's most recent release, Sunrise In the Land of Milk and Honey, knows Camper Van Beethoven mastermind and Cracker front man David Lowery can get political and do it in interesting, ironic, sarcastic, skewed ways. For example, take a listen to his song "Take the Skinheads Bowling."

Tuesday, Lowery posted a diatribe on his Facebook page titled "Why you should Unfriend Me. A Raging Moderate's Manifesto: Let's drop the F-Bomb" that brought him more attention than he's had in ages. His friend count grew exponentially as the hard-nosed missive spread across the Internet like bedbugs in a New York City hotel room.

Here's a little slice from Lowery's setup: it's the rational moderates' turn to vent our frustration with the fringe lunatics who constantly invoke violence, treason and armed insurrection. You know who you are. Fuck you. You are ruining our country.

Yes it's time for us moderates to get uncivilized. Let's drop the F-bomb. It is time to for us moderates to get all Bill Hicks on their asses.

Not only does Lowery nod towards one of Houston's favorite sons of comedy, he goes straight to the heart of the matter with the TeaBaggers: Their bullying rhetoric and the complicity of mainstream conservatives who are, by keeping quiet, de facto legitimizing this movement of these ill-informed, deranged crazoids.

Another interesting facet about Lowery's setup is that he begins by quoting what friends have told him about why he should remain quiet and not poke at the TeaBaggers. Friends remind him of what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they ran afoul of the right-wing audience and right-wing talk radio. Lowery just sticks his middle finger in the air.

Gotta love it, that's so Cracker.

Read Lowery's entire rant here. And if you are a TeaBagger or someone who doesn't like either Lowery's rant or this blog, well, this Bud's for you.

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Avi Khomen
Avi Khomen

yeah, nice move on "teabagger". that sounds like the language of inclusion, tolerance, and enlightenment to me. typical liberal foolishness. nice job.


Teabagger is a homophobic slur. Why don't you just call them faggots? You continue to beat up on people with insults and not debate on policy and history. Your side just can't win a debate.

And Barack Obama is as guilty of hate filled politicking as anyone. Read his love letter to Shepard Fairey where he gushes over the power of Mr. Fairey's work whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign. Mr. Fairy was behind a series of Bushhitler stickers that proclaimed "Fear Bush". Just another ugly associate of our divisive president who speaks with a forked tongue on restraint and civility.

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