Remember Dante Higgins' School Boy Music?

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School Boy Music - Cover.jpg
Dante Higgins
School Boy Music (Self-released, 2010)

Dante Higgins is a baby-faced college kid with grown-man ambitions, yet another gifted MC fighting for air in Houston's thick-with-talent rap landscape. His appeal seems preordained - he's smart and funny and clever and judicious and hip and, in a very short amount of time, has learned to piece together all of those things into a fairly bump-free rap persona. School Boy Music is his third mixtape in his lifetime.

Y'allmustaforgotability: 94 percent

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Best Song on the Album:

There are certainly songs on School Boy Music that are more fun or more immediately interesting or more useful when trying to deconstruct Higgins' id than "Karma," but none come close to painting him as brightly.

Dante Higgins, "Karma"

There's no hook, no snazzy production, no nothing on it. It's only Higgins, an idea and some free space to stroll around in. He sounds like a champ, and anyone that hears it will straight away think something like, "Yo, is it just me, or does sound exactly like Lupe Fiasco did when he was first figuring it out?"

Best Line on the Album: On "Take Me Home," whose unexpected creepiness seeps into your pores, Higgins describes his neighborhood as such:

"Where the ladies is scared to walk alone 'cause the rapists don't spot 'em, they smell 'em like they're cologne."


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