Saturday Night: Reel Big Fish & Aquabats At Verizon

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Photos by Matthew Keever
Reel Big Fish
Reel Big Fish, Aquabats, Suburban Legend, Koo Koo Kangaroo
Verizon Wireless Theater
January 15, 2011

Walking into Verizon Wireless Theater Saturday night, it was easy to spot who was a fan of whom. The Aquabats' fans wore masks, and Reel Big Fish's fans wore witty T-shirts pertaining to the group - Aftermath's personal favorite read, "One fish, two fish, red fish, Reel Big Fish." But preferences aside, everyone there had the same state of mind; they were in the mood to party and enjoy a night of good music.

It's been a while since Aftermath has attended a concert where nothing went wrong, and we're not going to lie; it was a nice change of pace. We didn't even get a whiff of Mary Jane until Reel Big Fish's encore, and were pleasantly surprised with how mild-mannered the fans were while still being lively enough to show their support for the musicians onstage.

The size of the crowd was manageable, the pit was big enough to enjoy but small enough to escape if one so wished, and the evening's pervading mood was that of anticipation with an underlying calm.

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At one point, RBF front man Aaron Barrett even began to interact and joke around with his fans. As one member of the horn section began to play, a fan screamed in approval but couldn't remember the name of the song.

"Yeah!" the fan screamed. "Play that one!"

"It's called 'Skatanic,'" Barrett said without missing a beat. "And no, we're not going to play it."

For the remainder of the evening, he parried and jousted with the fans, sometimes coming off as a bit too smug for our taste but never crossing the line of too arrogant for his own good. We'll call that the Kanye line... yeah, that works well. And Barrett never even came close to it.

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Before Reel Big Fish, the Aquabats' set (above) both enthralled their fans and enchanted the unfamiliar. Those who had never seen them perform before stopped in their tracks to marvel at - or, at the very least, attempt to fully grasp - the group's elaborate yet simple costumes.

You know those cheap Spider-Man costumes that they sell at Walgreen's for little kids during the Halloween season? That's what these looked like, except they were blue. And now that we think about it, they may have actually been of a worse quality.

On purpose, of course.

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Bayou Music Center

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Great article, Mr. Keever. I especially liked the line "for better or worse infusing simple lyricism with a strange kind of individuality."

That being said, I would like to be the first here in the comments to state that I personally don't give a hoot about fish vaginas. Please relay the message should you ever run into your staggering biologist friend at another show.

Keep up the good work!

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