New Local Rap From A Madman, A Menace And A Monster

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"No Hard Feelings" from Roosh Williams & friends.
Back around the time the first Ask A Rapper column was running (June 2009), Rocks Off had a conversation with an out-of-town publicist who was trying to get her out-of-town act an interview for the spot. When told that AAR was reserved for Houston rappers, she responded with, "You're going to run out of rappers real fast if you're only going to use Houston rappers."

We defended our own in a completely professional and classy manner - something along the lines of "Get bent" - but shortly thereafter admitted to no one in particular that she might be right.

Of course, that fear lasted all of about 15 seconds, before we realized that, at any given point on any given day, roughly 9,000 Houston rappers are ready to answer questions about Justin Bieber, NCAA football, KRS-One or whatever. This has become clearer with each passing week, as Rocks Off has apparently garnered a reputation for being the place to try to get your music posted if you're looking to receive any kind of proper commentary on its quality of it.

So it looks like these mailbag dumps will be more and more a regular thing. This week, we've got music from a madman, a menace, a monster and more.

  • New music from Roosh Williams featuring Killa Kyleon and Renzo ("No Hard Feelings"), cool as much for being an interesting song as it is for the fact that all three of the rappers are at three very different (and distinct) levels of their respective careers.
  • Here's music from A.D.D. ("Relax"), who is penciled in to participate in an upcoming Ask A Rapper column about video games and whatnot. FYI: If you're a rapper and name one of your songs after a Street Fighter character, as A.D.D. did with his "E. Honda Freestyle" track, you can expect to hear from us asking for an interview.
  • Trae and Alabama's Yelawolf linked up for a track that might be the year's best song thus far that prominently features fluttering flute, "Shit I've Seen."
  • Farris and Himself team up on a self-titled EP that answers the "Hey, What's The Weirdest Rap You Heard This Week?" question. Good stuff. Give it a proper listen. It's particularly effective if you listen to it while you ride a bike. Or smoke pot.
  • Rob Jay uses his wintry "Generational Curse" to prove that he doesn't need to rely on the benefit of nostalgia to produce a track that you should have in your iPod. Like that guy.
  • Introducing R&B singer Markus Polk. ("It's Just Me," feat. Pain-Woo & Lil Cheenk)

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Andrew A.D.D. Davis
Andrew A.D.D. Davis

Thank you for the post. I actually fuck with everyone's music on here also!


Shea you're a good dude. Thanks for the support.

Curtis 'Renzo' Curley
Curtis 'Renzo' Curley

Man that Rob Jay is always a pleasure to listen to. If they ever have me come to a school to talk to kids...I'm sending his ass out there. That way I know I won't fuck up and cuss too much to the kiddos.

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