Last Night: Kickback Sunday At SF2 Premium Clothing

Dough Beezy & Mr Rogers jan3.JPG
Sunday's eventual winner Dough Beezy (left) and Mr. Rogers
Kickback Sunday
SF2 Premium Clothing (215 Greens Rd.)
January 2, 2010

7:59 p.m.: As a good a job as you like to think you're doing as a parent, know that it's never good enough. For example, we don't cuss, smoke or drink in front of our sons. We don't let them disrespect their mother, we make sure that they receive a reasonable amount of foodstuffs to eat each day and we don't take them to the Walmart in Meyer Park (also known as Stabmart). We have all of the bases covered.

So how are we to act when we go upstairs to start getting our 3-year-old sons ready for bed and find them both naked as the day they were born, Boy A running around with a plastic bag hanging from between his butt cheeks, Boy B with a pair of swim goggles hanging from his. Why would they do such a thing, you ask? "Because we're lizards, Daddy. It's [the swim goggles] my tail." Fuckin' A, man. There's no proper way to handle that situation.

8:45 p.m.: Quick rundown: SF2 is a clothing store with all kinds of cool stuff, and all kinds of cool people shop there. Nine weeks ago, it started the "Kickback Sunday" event, an open-mike of sorts for whichever rappers felt like showing up. Almost immediately, it became the spot for networking within the Houston rap scene.

You have to sign up to perform. The list to perform is put out at 5:30 p.m., and full by 5:32. That's not an exaggeration. Average attendance now is somewhere between 150 and 250 people each week. So here we are, seeing what all of the fuss is about.

8:49: The guy who produced Beyonce and Jay-Z's song "Upgrade You" is here, doing an a cappella rap just because. The best line: "My living's straight, your shit ain't even permed enough." Cool. You know what's kind of weird? "Permed" for white people means curly hair, but "permed" for black people means straight hair.

8:50: Man, performing here looks to be about as intimidating as it can get. It's just you standing there with a microphone. There's no stage, no fancy lights, no nothing. You're eye-level with everyone. Yeesh.

9:02: KAB is up. Have you seen that guy? Imagine a refrigerator with gold teeth - that's him. He's tough. And good, a bona fide throwback to Houston hip-hop. He spends a lot of his energy being intimidating, which is typically the best way for big guys to handle being big guys. His set is a lot of fun, though he may have just tried to lift a version of Serius Jones' (we think) line "You know why you're outta shape? You've got a lot of squares in your circle." Still, proper showing.

9:03: Just ran into Young Sensation. Up until this very moment, we've only ever corresponded with him via Twitter and email. As soon as we tell him who we are, his eyes immediately do the, "Oh shit, all of this time I thought you were a woman" squint.

9:21: Mr. Inkredible is here. Did you know he's not black? "I lot of guys think that," he says with a smile.

9:22: Yet another wrinkle at Kickback Sunday: After four or five rappers go up, they'll then do a cipher and the crowd judges who performed the best. All of the winners will compete at the end of the night in a super-cipher. The winner receives ownership of an original DJ Mr Rogers beat. They're ciphering it up right now. The effervescent Snoopy shines.

9:26: Hey, J-Boss is here. So are his muscles. And his forehead. Pow!

9:32: Some 15-year-old young pup from New Orleans is up now. His name may be Tyler, though we're not certain if that's spelled right. He's strong, one of these newer guys who are more Drake than Don Ke'. He may have just taken an unprovoked swipe at Ahmad Rashad. Good stuff.

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