Hudson Lounge Situation Still Clear As Mud

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The fallout from the December 28 "Hydeout at the Hudson" party continues to fester. As you probably know by now, the party organizers say Hudson Lounge's owner threw them out and shut down the chichi Rice Village club because they were black, while the staff contends it was because too many people showed up for the employees to handle.

With a missing club owner, salivating journalists, one crusading AM talk-radio host and a bunch of pissed-off lawyers, the story is rapidly taking on all the elements of a good potboiler. Here's a synopsis of the most recent information we have been able to turn up, as reported on our Hair Balls news blog earlier today:

  • The story has now piqued KTRH drive-time host Michael Berry's interest, which effectively guarantees it's not going away anytime soon.

  • One of the organizers of the fateful December 28 party, Ray Odom, said an HPD officer showed up at the lounge around 10:45 p.m. According to a department spokesman, this was part of a "patrol investigation." It's not clear whether this officer was specifically dispatched to the club or just happened by on his nightly rounds.
  • An anonymous Hudson employee told Hair Balls that owner Adam Kliebert has not been in touch with anyone at the bar since New Year's Day. Shockingly, Kliebert has not been in touch with anyone at the Houston Press either.
  • This employee also said that, in several meetings with Odom and fellow party planner Vonn Butler in the week leading up to the party, the two men's estimates of the number of guests they expected varied wildly from 30 or 40 to around 90.
  • "As a black man, I have experienced such treatment before at other clubs," Odom wrote on CultureMap Tuesday. "Now, if I'm not dressed properly, sometimes I won't even try to get into a spot like Hudson unless I'm with a female."

Where is Adam Kliebert? What was the purpose of that HPD officer's "patrol investigation"? Will we ever know how many people were actually invited to Hydeout at the Hudson? And why would anyone try to get into such a spot if they knew they weren't dressed properly?

Stay tuned, and read the entire Hair Balls report here.

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I think the blacks should not be allowed into Hudson Lounge. It's Adam Klieberts bar and Adam has a right to serve whoever he wants. Would you be mad if Adam told the Nazi's they were not welcome at Hudson Lounge? Why is it acceptable to discriminate against legal Nazi groups, but you have to let blacks into Hudson Lounge? The blacks are just a bunch of racists themselves who want everything for free and live off welfare. Adam did you a favor by throwing you out of his club because you can't afford the drinks anyway. Why does every black man think white wome like them anyway? Why don't black men hit on black women? Why is it alright for blacks to discriminate against blacks, but when Adam discriminates against blacks, all the black people get upidity? I am watch the Houston Rockets basket ball games all the time so I am not a racists. I wouldn't watch blacks play basket ball if I were a racists.


I was actually there this night, and not aware of this party, but I was aware that they said there were some issues and the bar would be closing at 11 for some reason. I was actually there for a friends birthday and it happened to be this was the spot she chose to celebrate after dinner. I arrived a bit early, around 9 pm, and was sitting in the "outside" area with 4 walls, the club was in no way full or near capacity, but the patrons for the most part that night were "black". This was my first time there, I just assumed it was the normal crowd, no one looked out of place, everyone was dressed very sharp/professional.

I only heard of this incident today, pretty shocking if this is the reason it was closed.

Lisa Garcia
Lisa Garcia

This is how boring Houston is, a bar not wanting a crowd that lied about a head count. If that's all we have to talk about I'm going to move to L.A. to hear real news!

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