Flying V Hall Of Fame: Saluting One Rockin' Guitar

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Ira 1972 w 1958 Flying V jan6.jpg
Today is the 53rd birthday of the Gibson Flying V, which since its debut has become synonymous with metal and hard rock of all stripes. The image of that V-shape is as iconic as the power chords it generates. Rocks Off has seen reverse V's and even bass V's in our time, and has always wanted to touch one, but we would probably get chocolate on it and get kicked out of Guitar Center.

Here's a few rock idols who have played a Gibson Flying V. This was hard, since so many imitators came in the wake of the original Gibson. We don't too much about guitars, we just like to write about how the sounds that come out of them make our pants hurt.

Albert King

albert_king_flyingv jan6.jpg

Jimi Hendrix

jimi_hendrix flyingv jan6.jpg

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Ravin' Dave Davies played one with the Kinks, back before they were cool (like King and Hendrix).


Dave Mustaine! How are you such a noob sometimes?


Maybe it's because it's typically primarily used (at least these days) by metal guitarists, but I've never really liked the V because it usually sounds so thin.


You forgot a pretty recent user of the Flying V: Jay Reatard

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