Meet Doughbeezy, The Beast From The Southeast

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It's not complicated. If you see someone say things into a microphone that makes grown men say, "OOHHHH SHIT!" and then high-five each other, then you make that person Artist of the Week. That's exactly what rapid-fire rapper extraordinaire Doughbeezy has apparently been doing weekly at SF2's Kickback Sundays, which is exactly why he is here now.

Doughbeezy is a Southeast Houston fellow, a fact evident as soon as he starts talking. He also wears a ball fade, which nobody has successfully done since 1998. Time moves slower on the southeast side. His flow, somehow preternaturally polished, is enjoyable for a lot of reasons, but the most impressive is that he seems to be able to effortlessly tie together the strong, young, brash psyche of the New Houston Collective with the organic, soulful, drank-drenched psyche of the old heads.

We reached out to Doughbeezy to talk about a few things. Hop along to read about backstabbers, bumble bees and how he absolutely did not bite when we tried to bait him into a possibly incendiary conversation.

Rocks Off: Same opener as always: Tell everyone everything they need to know about Doughbeezy in exactly six words.

Doughbeezy: Faith, Loyalty, Family, Headwreckin', Southeast, beast.

RO: Do you have a problem with people smilin' in your face, all the while they wanna take your place?

D: It all depends. If it's all in competition, then I have no problem with it at all. But if you're smiling in my face but you really have a problem with me then we have a problem.

RO: About that, you've got that song that samples "Back Stabbers" by the O'Jays. How happy were your parents when you picked that? Wait. Your parents aren't dead are they? Oh Christ. Nevermind.

Doughbeezy, "Back Stabbers"

D [laughs]: Naw, my parents are alive, blessed, and happy. My father lives in the city I was born in (Cleveland, Ohio) and hasn't heard it yet, but I know he would love it. He's been into music since he was a kid, so I know he would enjoy hearing the O'Jays over that crazy beat. And my T Lady (mother) likes it. She says I still don't have a song she can send to my Grandmother though.

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