Chalie Boy Is Here... All Year Long

Last year, Chalie Boy enacted a promo campaign called "52 Weeks of Chalie Boy," wherein he released one flow a week for the entire year. It was an auspicious bit of market saturation. This year, he's upped the stakes a bit and adapted the premise into "12 Months of Chalie Boy Videos." We're certain you can figure out what this campaign entails.

By the way, the first video is already out and at the top of this post. This shit isn't complicated, people.

Chalie Boy is currently in town doing some studio work with Mr. Marcus Manchild, so he made himself available yesterday afternoon to talk for exactly 21 minutes and 53 seconds. Some notes from the conversation:

The very first thing you notice when listening to him talk now is how happy he sounds. We spoke to him for this other thing a ways back. He wasn't necessarily a dick, but we never got the feeling that he wanted to invite us over to play NBA Jam either.

This time around, he was fresh and exuberant and excitable. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that he's recently lost 100 pounds - or, as we've come to keep measurement, 3.5 Hollywood FLOSSes - and is now down to around 200 lbs.

We asked him if there was any reason he decided to lose the weight besides the obvious health issues. What he said in response: "Appearance is everything in the industry I'm in. But I'm not going for that look. I'm trying to satisfy myself."

What we were hoping he was going to say: "Yes. I'm going to sex it up hardcore in 2011. I'm wearing muscle shirts in the rain, shooting videos with shots of roses on fire, all that shit."

There have been weeks when Chalie has done upwards of 40 guest features in one week. Forty. If we're talking about regular workdays and regular work weeks, that's one every hour eight hours a day for five straight days.

Holy Christ. It's not easy. You get to a certain position, there's a good and a bad side.

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