Gothic Council Debates Gothiness Of "Graveyard" Video

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Though Gothtopia doesn't get to do our daily music-video column anymore, they're still one of our favorite things to write about. So, while trolling through YouTube yesterday, we came across the music video for the latest single by Pittsburgh electo-goth duo Candy Apple Blue, "Graveyard."

Frankly, we were nonplussed. Was this satire, or were they serious? Who sings about leaving Tarot cards on the floor? Who brings a microphone to the graveyard? It was simply too much of a question for one lonely goth to take on, so by playing "Bela Lugoi's Dead" backwards we summoned the goth council for their opinion.

Joining us is Sarah Fanning, one of the founders of Punky Moms, Larry Rainwater of Ex-Voto, artists Bret and Rachel Harmeyer, local darkwave promoter Robert Ehlinger, and Lonnie Locascio, who is basically the guy that gets to hang out with Robert Smith and Wayne Hussey when they come to town.

The question before the council is: What the hell is this?

graveyard 3 jan 18.jpg
Sarah Fanning: Um... Wow... Well, my daughter, Lily liked it. So with the six-year-old girly-girl goth set, it's a hit. I love how it started like an old Twilight Zone episode. Are they trying to parody goth bands or was this a serious attempt? To me it was farcical... campy and cringe-inducing. The tune was catchy like old '80s pop... made me think of the B-52s... but not something I would choose to add to my listening rotation.

Larry Rainwater: I can only hope that this is an attempt at satire. Because if its not I feel really sad for them. Not because its bad, its just they are old enough to know better!

Lonnie Locascio: Have to agree with Larry on this!

Rachel Harmeyer: I wouldn't mind that they're overly self-aware if the music made up for it, but I don't think it does. I think they could have gone further with the fashion as well, obviously. It did make me laugh when I considered that there really are "no after hours in a graveyard," because I think we've all had to contend with that difficulty in our personal lives.

Robert Ehlinger: Wow, I don't know what to say. They are old enough to know better like Larry said so. I think it must be a not-so-serious attempt, has to be. But then again I am not goth...

Gothtopia: *rolls eyes*

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