Buxton, Wild Moccasins Join New West Records

Here at Rocks Off, we try our best to cover all the local music news, both large and small. Where else are you going to read that you can play Slim Thug on Words With Friends? It is reasons such as these that we trudge the war zones of RSS feeds, seeking out crucial tidbits of information.

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Buxton on Facebook
OK, maybe that Slim Thug bit is a bad example. But we do come across breaking news, like today's early morning announcement that Buxton (above) and Wild Moccasins have been signed to independent label New West Records. Congratulations to both of the bands; they've certainly put in a lot of work over the past year.

What'll it be for the soundtrack this week? Perhaps this new sampler from local label Agro-Wax Records, featuring songs from Janitor, Crime Wave, and The PRMC will do the job. Note: Cover NSFW.

Or perchance you'd like to grab rapper ILL LiaD's new album, Salvation.

There are a lot of shows out there this weekend, so we thought we'd highlight a few:

dw poster.jpg

  • Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man swing down to East End beer joint the D&W Lounge.
  • There's a thundering show tonight at Rudyard's, featuring Ghosttown Electric, Big Fiction, Omotai, and Canyons. Bring some earplugs if hearing is something you'll need on Saturday.
  • Just why should tinnitus be avoided on Friday night? Because it's readily available via one of three shows on Saturday. First and foremost is Hell City Kings and White Rhino's split seven-inch release at Rudyard's. Admission will net you a copy of the vinyl, but the bands may blow off ears.
  • There's a less raucous show across downtown at Vinyl Junkie, featuring Football, etc. MuhammidAli, Hold Tight! and All At Sea.
  • And at Fitz, The Transco Empire is throwing an Elvis birthday bash, complete with MuhammidAli, Darwin's Finches, and some fellow impersonating the King himself. Like many of the venue's recent shows, this one is free for folks over 21.

We touched on this earlier in the week, but anyone that hasn't watched it yet needs to check out listenlisten's new video for "I Will Forget."

Need some more video content for those eyeballs?

SugarHill isn't the only gang in town with their own video series - The Caroline Sessions have been updating their sessions collection like crazy lately, as well as announcing several upcoming tapings.

Our friend and Rocks Off comrade Adam P. Newton runs his own music blog, Dryvetyme Onlyne, and outlines what to expect from the site in the coming year. That includes some new writers, plans for concert reviews, as well as news that Newton is about to be a published author.

While Newton looks forward, Andrew Karnavas looks back on his year in music, including solo projects Runaway Sun and BangBangBoom, and new children's-music endeavor, AndyRoo. Runaway Sun also added several songs and videos to their ReverbNation profile.

The Jud Johnson Band has been giving away a song every day since the new year started, and will continue to do so through the Jan. 11.

Fat Tony is heading out on a short East Coast jaunt. Word is that he's shooting a video for the opening track of his RABDARGAB album tonight.

Several people informed us about upcoming music, including Z-Ro, who promises a new mixtape, and rap duo Dirty N' Nasty, who say LP Black Gold and a solo mixtape from Dirty, will be out this year.

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Ill Liad new album is the things Houston legends are made of.. get this dudes stuff now its hot hot hot!


Ill liad salvation it is. Good choice

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