We Hold Britney Spears Against Us For Four Minutes

Bellamy Bros. may hold new single against her a good deal longer...

BSpears Press 1 jive jan11.jpg
Jive Records
Britney Spears' new single, "Hold It Against Me," leaked yesterday and was officially released earlier today. As of this moment, it's blowing up the charts at iTunes and radio. The song sounds as if she walked out of The Wayback Machine from 2000, at the exact moment when she stopped wearing panties.

Did you know she didn't wear any underpants in the video for "Oops...I Did It Again"? We started that rumor in 11th grade. Go us!

Anyhow the new single is killing radio and getting downloaded/stolen left and right, signaling a Britney revival of sorts. For other people, maybe - at this point, Rocks Off isn't sure if people still coming for the residual car-crash photos or actually digging the tune and Brit's image.

It's also pissing off the Bellamy Brothers, authors of the 1979 country No. 1 "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Aganist Me?" Howard and David, who perform at Dosey Doe in the Woodlands on Valentine's Day (date alert!), released the following statement Tuesday afternoon, via their PR firm Absolute Publicity:

bellamys absolute publicity jan 11.jpg
Absolute Publicity
The Bellamy Brothers: Not amused.
David: "Howard and I have no personal beef with Britney. She's a talented gal. But professionally, well, in all honesty, we feel completely ripped off. Where's the originality?"

Howard: "Hey Brit... If I said you ripped off our song, would you hold it against me? Thanks."

USA Today described the song with a hyperbolic fit, creaming their Seven Jeans in the process saying, "Spears' new single delivers enough dizzying dance-pop ecstasy to ensure another chart-topping ride..."

We'll see about that.

Look, this member of Rocks Off loves dance-pop as much as the next guy. We listen to Gaga and Katy Perry in healthy doses and we can admit to that shit. It's rough, but we do.

We can appreciate Spears in the most musically academic way we can, what with paving the way for other female pop-singers, being quasi-pornographic, leading young boys into manual temptation, and ushering in the age of Perez Hilton. Remember when we counted down all the Spears vids we jerked it to? That was fun and uncomfortable.

And now, we shall switch on the new Britney song and give you a play-by-play. Be sure to read our comments out loud in a Howard Cosell voice. It helps. Let us step out of the royal we for a second...

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Cory Sinclair
Cory Sinclair

This is probably one of the most accurate and entertaining articles I have read from Rocks Off. Fucking thank you, Hlavaty.

Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

Anyone ever do a study about Britney's fans? Seems to me she uses the same fan development play-book used by Elvis back in the day.

Perhaps that is the reason Britney articles here don't make the list of most read or most commented.

Britney's fans don't read much and therefor they sure don't comment.

Perhaps a Podcast article format about Britney with lots of pictures might help.

Ill Liad
Ill Liad

Yo forreal Brittany Spears is still sexy as shit to me..........Lol!!!!!! True Story! -iLL LiaD-

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