Top Five Christmas Rap Songs

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Show us one hip-hop head who isn't obsessed with corny Christmas sing-alongs and we'll show you a liar. Nothing says "hip-hop" like cheery holiday tunes about sharing and caring. In the spirit of holiday music, Rocks Off compiled a list of five Christmas rap songs guaranteed to make you the famous at the family Christmas party.

5. RZA feat. Craig Ferguson, "Deck the Halls (Live)"

So what if RZA sounds like your mother-in-law singing in the shower right after someone turned up the hot water downstairs? It's the muthafuckin' RZA. Singing "Deck the Halls."

4. Eazy-E, "Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas"

merry MF xmas dec20.jpg

There's no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than Eazy-E's prepubescent voice wishing your family a "Merry muthafuckin' Christmas and a fucked up New Year." The outro is teeming with inspiration: "And they all went to prison and lived fucked up ever after. The end."

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