Top 12 Local Songs Of 2010

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We're admittedly the most insular, introverted member of the Rocks Off team. You're more likely to find us sitting in our apartment with our headphones on digesting new music than out carousing with our peers. And we're OK with that, mostly because Daddy Rocks Off occasionally asks us to write pieces like this one.

2010 was a great year for locally grown music of all stripes, shapes and sizes. More and more bands are hitting the road to show people that we actually have a viable, vibrant scene here in Houston, and it has become much more difficult to decide which show to go see on any given Thursday through Sunday night.

Hence, it was quite a chore to dig through many of the fantastic releases during the course of this year to determine exactly what we liked the most, but we did it, because we like you.

In Alphabetical Order:

Bun B dec22.jpg
Bun B, "Trillionaire"
Album: Trill OG

The beauty of this track is that it serves as somewhat of a mission statement for one of Houston's standout musical ambassadors. From the opening salvo where he gets things "crackilating," to declarations that he's "Trill until I D. I. E." or "from P. A. T. to your town," Bun B states the case for his place in rap history.

As T-Pain intones in the chorus, Bernard Freeman is most definitely a "self-made trillionaire," and the rest of us are simply trying to catch up to him. On a record laden with hits like "Put It Down," "I Git Down 4 Mine," "Snow Money," and "Ridin' Slow," this one is definitely our favorite.

Fat Tony, "Nigga U Ain't Fat"

If you ask us, this guy is one of the best rappers making music today; it's just that most people haven't had the privilege of hearing him yet. With this song, Tony launches into a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek diss track that tells people not to worry about what his name means. Just know that he's better than you, makes better music than you, and that his Mom used to buy him jeans off the husky rack (and we feel your pain on that one). Think of this one as the snarky kid brother to Bun B's "Trillionaire."

Grandfather Child, "Waiting For You"
Album: "Waiting For You" b/w "Dog Water" 7"

The guys who comprise this act are some of the most active musicians in town, whether as solo acts or working in each other's bands. With Grandfather Child, Lucas Gorham takes the lead, and the result is this genitals-stirring song that comes across as delicious cross between James Brown, The Rolling Stones and vintage boogie-woogie goodness.

Humongous vocals laden with soul, power and sex are supported by glistening guitars and dense bass work. Go buy this vinyl single, and then go make some babies.

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