Things We Never, Ever Want To Hear Again

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Editor's Pick: Vampire Weekend's "Holiday." Everything I hate about indie rock (cloying, fey, highly irritating) and car commercials (they're car commercials) in about 15 seconds.. Repeated seven or eight times a fucking hour.

Marc Brubaker: "Check us out on Twitter!" or anything else Twitter/Facebook related. Bands, it's great that you're using social media to enhance your marketing. But if your Web presence is really that important to my life, I am more than capable of finding it myself. Spare me the stage banter of trying to get more followers, likes, or adds - either tell us a story or get back to the music.

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John Seaborn Gray: Emo. People are still over-using the word emo in 2010 and it needs to stop. Not everything that is emotional is emo; musicians have been hating themselves and their exes for as long as there's been music. Emo was a descriptor for a very narrow, specific portion of the modern-rock landscape, and its era is over. Bands that used to make emo music don't make it anymore.

They've all changed their sound in one direction or another to leave the traditional emo trappings behind, and mostly for the better. Throwing out the word "emo" to describe, for example, Frightened Rabbit, which we actually saw done this year more than once, just shows how out of touch you are.

There is no emo. We're over it.

Craig Hlavaty: In August, I would have told you Ke(Dollar Sign)ha, but repeated listening at Grand Prize Bar totally deadened me to hating it and her. I dunno, Vampire Weekend?

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Jef With One F: The phrase I never want to here again is "And the Grammy goes to..." Really? Does anyone anywhere give a nickelbag of fuck about a Grammy? Katy Perry is up for best album this year. Seriously.

It's gotten to the point that winning a Grammy is an automatic admission that whatever you just did was completely irrelevant. You know what beat out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for best rock performance? "Layla." The ACOUSTIC version!

It's not getting any better, folks. I can't give you an alternative, unfortunately, save what my colleagues and I churn up every December when we compile our best-of lists, but anything is literally better than winning a Grammy.

I watch Pawn Stars. You can't even sell those things for a decent price.

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