The Year In Skank: 2010's Top 7 Skankiest Celebrities

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stop-dressing-your-six-year-old-like-a-skank dec17.jpg
Plenty of famous women exude a healthy, feminine charm, a reserved beauty and refined grace that keeps them respectable even while they titillate. Plenty of celebrity men have a classy demeanor, yet just enough of a rakish-scoundrel glint in their eyes to turn them into the mysterious stranger in many a fantasy.

These are not those men and women. These are the ones who frequently appear in public with various genitals on proud display, a new fuck-buddy on their arm every other day, and are constantly emerging from club bathrooms looking like they fell face-first into a pile of flour.

They always look like they need a bath, and we keep watching them because we think it's pretty likely they're going to die soon.

These are the skanks, and 2010 had quite a few.

miley-2 dec17.jpg
Miley Cyrus: We'll start off slow, because really, Miley's skank turn says just as much about us as it does about her. Ever since she was around 15 or so, the Internet paparazzi vultures have been hovering around her, waiting for the increasingly cute but underage Cyrus to do something naughty.

They've gotten pictures of her in the shower and naked off of her cell phone, they've gotten pictures of her flashing her panties getting out of limos, and of course there's the recent video of her smoking salvia and speaking in tongues. The whole world has basically been following her around demanding she go slutty ever since she was a young girl, so really, how could she avoid giving us what we wanted all along?

Her outfits this year - even the ones she just walked around in from day to day - were skimpier than ever, her stage show turned from teenybopper fluff to erotic cabaret, and of course the people she thinks are friends made a fortune selling risque videos and pictures of her partying in private.

Miley Cyrus is a perfect case study for when we ask, "Who ruins these girls and makes them act this way?" Because so often, we do.

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