The Worst Local Crowds Of 2010

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Jason Wolter
Editor's Pick: I am so sick of complaining about Houston crowds, ill-behaved as they are, but I will say to whoever decided it would be funny to take Bobby Bare Jr.'s glasses off the stage at Hayes Carll's Warehouse show Tuesday night and put them on: That was not cool.

Neph Basedow: Considering I only moved to Houston from Chicago in October, my options are limited - which I deem a good thing, considering the high frequency of shows I've attended since arriving. I'd have to say I was disappointed in the (majority) of the crowd at October's Built to Spill show at House of Blues. Anyone who attended or read the review will already know the crowd was scolded by a usually taciturn Doug Martsch, for incessantly talking through the band's set.

Not to say there weren't true Built to Spill fans in the crowd - there were; I was one of them - but overall, the crowd was a disappointing dud.

Marc Brubaker:

Something Fierce, The Mink, January 31: Why, out of all of our Houston horror stories from the year, is this the worst local crowd? Why is this worse than people throwing beer on Asli Omar, arguing with Billy Corgan, talking through Yo La Tengo, and much, much more? Because next to no one came out to the Mink to see one of Houston's top punk acts.

This trio has been churning out classic punk for years now, and it just keeps getting better. Unfortunately, their excellent 7" release show was largely ignored as most kids went to Walter's to see Girls.

John Seaborn Gray: We started the year off by razzing the army of brosephs invading Washington Avenue, but damned if us enlightened, in-the-know, hip-but-not-hipsters didn't show them up repeatedly as far as crass, shitty concert behavior was concerned. The worst example was the listenlisten CD release show earlier this month at the Mink, where people who should know better spent basically the entire concert chattering to one another about God knows what rather than paying attention to what was going on onstage. And what was going on onstage? Fucking knife throwing.

Yes, people at that show even blathered throughout the knife throwing, to say nothing of the sheer unconcerned rudeness displayed during Two Star Symphony and listenlisten's stellar sets that had both bands asking if people wouldn't terribly mind shutting their fucking yaps. The most brosephs I saw this year, I saw during our Houston Press Awards Showcase at Salt Bar (or possibly Pearl Bar, who can even tell) watching The Literary Greats play.

You know what those brosephs did? Stood quietly and enjoyed the music. Quite a concept.

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