The Dead Revolt: Howling, Lizard-Free Indie Rock

Rocks Off loves four things:

  • The Dead: Zombies rock tits, there are no two ways about it.
  • Revolts: As long as they are not aimed at the Rocks Off contingent, a revolt is just about the most interesting that can happen on any given day.
  • People who collect ceramic cows.
  • Genuine indie rock.

So when we happened across a Houston band that covered at least 75 percent of that list - we never explicitly asked them about No. 3 - we made certain to work space for them in the now indomitable Artist of the Week army.

Keep it moving to read some convenient alliteration.

Rocks Off: Tell everyone everything they need to know about your band in exactly six words.

The Dead Revolt: My friend Kamar describes us as "A calamitous coalescence of chaotic creativity."

RO: We should probably address the name; it is a bit curious. Exactly what is going on there? The Dead Revolt? Is that, like, saying that the dead (zombies) are revolting? Or maybe is it a revolt that was once taking place is now done and it finished unsuccessfully? Or is it just some cool shit to say?

TDR: I guess it's kinda what you want it to be. We thought of both of those scenarios and we just decided that no one had taken the name so we took it.

RO: To that last question, what is a "Mar Iguana"? Is it some sort of sea lizard? Are there even any sea lizards? Can you name your next album Sea Lizards?

TDR: "Mar Iguana" has nothing to do with lizards. I believe it is about the consumption of a certain plant material actually. We have names for our next album but we'll call a song "Sea Lizards."

The Dead Revolt, "Mar Iguana"

RO: To that last question, "Mar Iguana" is an excellent song. It's sporadic, but kind of a controlled sporadic, if that makes any sense. And George's mini-indie howl is just about perfect on it. And it'd make for a proper upper-level song on Rock Band 14. We guess what we're trying to say is, can we have a shirt of y'all's to wear while we nap?

TDR: Yeah, that is probably one of our favorites to play. We had been playing for a while and had written the other songs on our album; "The Substance of Things Not Seen" and that was the last one that we wrote for that album. It really pushed us into a new direction musically. A lot of our new songs have that feel to them.

And as to your shirts question, we'd love to have you sleep in our clothes but unfortunately, we don't have any shirts yet, but soon, hopefully.

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