Slim Thug Requests "Sympathy P*ssy" After Flight Diverted

Marco Torres
Guess who was on the Continental Airlines flight from San Jose to Houston that was diverted to Albuquerque, N.M., this morning because of a "disruptive passenger"?

That's right, the Boss of All Bosses, Slim Thug. Guess how we know?

That's right, Twitter.

Apparently the passenger tried to make a mid-air exit from the plane on Thugga's row. The rapper admits he was asleep when this happened, but it didn't stop him from appealing for "sympathy pussy."

Also, whoever @DeviDev is, he (or she) better watch out.

Good reading ahead...

thuggatop dec8.jpg

thuggaplanetweet 4 dec8.jpg

That's how it started. Slim's request for post-traumatic stress relief is next.

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