Houston Musicians Explain Their Facebook Cartoon Pics

zelda_link_cartoon dec7.jpg
For the last week or so, Facebook campaign has asked users to change their profile pictures to a beloved cartoon character from their youth. Some claim it's to bring attention to the plight of abused children. Others - like your humble reporter, who is currently sporting Link from the old Legend of Zelda cartoon - are doing it purely for fun.

Still others claim that the whole thing is really just a dastardly plot by pedophiles to get children to friend them. For the record, it's totally not, but whatever the reason is, some of Houston's most prominent local musicians have joined in the trend.

Here, a few of them explain their choices.

Larry Sanders, guitarist, Kemo for Emo

Cartoon: Rambo from Rambo and the Forces of Freedom

rambo Dec7.jpg
When I was a kid I lived in a not-so-good neighborhood and playing outside was not always an option for me. I found movies to be my salvation. I was introduced to Sylvester Stallone. The first movie I ever remember seeing was Rambo: First Blood Part 2. I was instantly hooked, and to this day it is still my favorite movie.

If you ask my friends or family, I spend more time talking about Sylvester Stallone then I do about myself. I have been a moderator on his fan Web site Stallonezone.com for many years now and my left arm is reserved for a half-sleeve montage of all four Rambo movies.

Basically, Rambo to me is the embodiment of what a true hero is: A man who does not want to fight, but comes to terms with who he is, what he was born to do to help others. He sacrifices his health, mind and sanity to help others. This is a characteristic I myself have adopted because of it.

The character to me is a hero who never wanted to be a hero. The silent soldier who does not look for credit or glory, just to find peace in a world full of chaos and misery. He seems to be an unstoppable force and in the world we live in, escaping reality for two hours here and there is all I need to be motivated to better myself. I miss the days of '80s action stars who actually spent time in the gym.

I own all the knives from the movies. It is my personal obsession. I am not going to lie, when I am home alone, I put on the red headband and put on the knife. As a kid when a Rambo cartoon was made, I was ecstatic. A weekly version of my favorite character and also a toy line!

So I picked Rambo because to me he is who I always strive to be. Put others before myself, not matter the cost to me.

David Sadof , DJ/columnist, Houston Music Examiner

Cartoon: Underdog from Underdog

Underdog Dec7.jpg
Underdog was one of my favorites as a kid mostly because of the humor, an obvious parody of Superman. Despite his tendencies to cause collateral damage all around him, Underdog somehow managed to rescue Sweet Polly Purebred every time.

Underdog spoke exclusively in rhyme and I recall repeating the phrase, "The secret compartment of my ring I fill/ With an Underdog Super Energy Pill." I think I even had one of those rings. It was probably at the bottom of a box of General Mills cereal - Underdog's primary sponsor.

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