Houston Musicians Don't Take The Holidays Off

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Unsure how to keep up with all that local music news during the holidays? Fear not, Rocks Off makes it a point to mine those Internets each week, bringing the finest recap of Houston's musical cyber-territories. It's full of win, as they say, and our holiday gift to everyone out there.

For our MCM soundtrack this week, consider pulling up Living Shred's new "Vibe the Fuuuck Out" mix - an almost hour-long chill session that is sure to relieve that late December stress.

Remember, there are still shows going on this week, for anyone in need of an escape from the in-laws, an excuse to go drinking, or just some local music. A few that caught our eye:

Vinyl Junkie has just posted a bunch of new stock, in case you need a record or two.

In case you hadn't heard them yet, a few tracks on House of Dreams that weren't previously available for streaming are up on Hollywood FLOSS' Bandcamp page. Hip-hop site DJBooth.net has another new track, "I'll Be Honest" up for streaming, along with some nice press for the local rapper.

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