Guns N' Roses, Rolling Stones, Prince Coming In 2011?

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Sind Axl und Slash wieder Freunde geworden?
Rocks Off is in the concert business for all intents and purposes. We scour Pollstar and other Web sites and almost hourly looking for new shows and tours to tell you about around the clock. In the span of writing this introduction we just listed Lucero (February 23, Fitzgerald's) and Bobby Womack (March 5, Arena Theatre). See? Multi-tasking rules.

Anyhow, part of that job and one of our seven specialties is looking into the future to see what's on the horizon. Industry rumors are mostly just that, the machinations of promoters and bloggers just like us looking to create a buzz. But sometimes these things turn out to be very real.

For the past months we have been monitoring the Internets for rumblings of new tours to come in 2011. Some of these will happen, while others are still very much rumor and watercooler talk in the offices of Live Nation and the like.

The hot rumor at the moment is that Axl Rose and Slash have made up behind the scenes to make way for a Guns N' Roses tour. Bassist Duff McKagan played with what is now GN'R a few months back in London. If everyone can get along, and the music is where it should be, we would welcome this.

On the festival front, expect Free Press Houston and Pegstar to announce the Summer Fest 2011 lineup in the next month. The third edition of the Eleanor Tinsley Park festival is scheduled for June 4 and 5, so go ahead and request off work now. We have heard rumblings of headliners, but we ain't telling you nothing, and neither are the organizers.

Next year's Austin City Limits Music Festival was moved from early October back to mid-September. Some say this was to snag a big headliner, while others claim it was burn us alive in the heat. We are sweating just thinking of the first day. Who could make ACL move, though? Clapton? Peter Gabriel? Paul McCartney? Your mom?

So, who will you be skipping mortgage payments and calling in to work to see in 2011? If this list even partly pans out and these shows hit the Houston area, start saving your pennies now. It's going to be brutally awesome, and expensive.

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Bruce Springsteen Solo

Obviously a solo acoustic tour wouldn't be as lucrative as a full E Street Band outing, but a solo jaunt has been rumored. After the 2009 tour, the Boss did say E Street was closing up shop for a while, but the release of The Promise may see them leaving Jersey for a tour by the summer.

Van Halen

Word has the band recording a new album with David Lee Roth back in the pilot seat, with Wolfgang Van Halen on bass. Band was last here in 2008, and is due a return very soon. But then again, they like to play chicken with the media, judging from this press statement last month. This all sounds awfully familiar.


This year's reunion dates skipped Texas altogether, but the band is ramping up activity for 2011, with a reported stand at Madison Square Garden in NYC and a summer/fall tour. This tour will be a monster.


A new album is almost done, and the band's side projects seem to be hibernating. A summer tour and album release looks imminent. 2009's reunion shows were massively popular among older Gen Yers who grew up on Enema of the State and dick jokes.

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