Why Do Bandmates Want To Kill Each Other?

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A band is the family you choose. We can't speak for your family, but in our family we send you to the hospital over the last piece of chicken. We've seen our cousins choked unconscious more often than we've seen Star Wars. Bands are like that too.

On one hand, you're united in a common goal; it's a war band on a quest. On the other, it's usually cramming three or more over-the-top personalities into tiny vans or rooms, soaking them in alcohol, and then watching them try to kill each other.

Here's an example from Joe Ortiz of Clockpole:

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Clockpole: Playing nearly nude not nearly as irksome as not helping load gear.
In Novice, I punched Jason James, the guitarist/singer, for being a bitch when he broke a string or went out of tune. My attitude was either tune back quickly or keep playing, but don't throw a fit. After that, he never bitched out when his guitar would fuck up.

Also in Novice, [drummer] Austin Rhoads and Jason would always fight about something [dumb] hours before a show, and I'd have to run around town and calm them down so we could make it on time.

In Clockpole, there are a shit-ton of people. I get along with everyone, but others might not get along as much. Austin (same guy from Novice) and Erik Broussard stopped talking to each other for a few months over a girl. The girl was definitely not worth it. She was a serious alcoholic, mentally unstable, wet the bed and scared Andrew Lee from Wild Moccasins when she tried to make out with him while he was playing.

Austin and Erik patched it up in time for our Peelander-Z gig. Also at a KTRU gig, while me and Justin Clay ran to the store, Erik threatened to kick James Motherfucking Holmes' ass for not helping load equipment and James told Erik to stop being a bitch. When me and Justin got back, everything seemed normal and none of the other members told me what happened.

When all seven of us squeezed into the little KTRU studio, I had Erik and James set up right next to each other. Afterwards, they both told me what happened and I had to laugh. It was funny knowing they couldn't stand each other yet had to literally be side by side in the studio.

They currently are civil towards each other, but I'm not sure if they like each other.

Honestly, that's what we'd call a pretty normal band dynamic, but what does everyone fight about? Rocks Off took an extremely unscientific poll to find out.

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