Which Rockers Are Best Suited For Autumn?

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What season are you? It's a question that doesn't get asked often enough in the world of rock and roll, but if the half dozen fashion and beauty Web sites Rocks Off consulted while writing this are any indication, seasonal color analysis is big. The phenomenon took off in the 1980s, which as we all know was the apex of American fashion, but today's musicians could certainly benefit from its secret wisdom.

As the leaves (sort of) change here in Texas and temperatures drop into the chilly mid-70s, we decided to take a look at some rockers best suited to the season.


All photos from Wikimedia commons

Nothing brings out a reclusive singer like marigold yellows and golds. And is it a coincidence her first global tour in a decade started in September? You wish.
Fun fact, we had no idea "Sade" and "Shar-Day" were the same person for, like, years.

Chuck Billy, Testament


What's that? You scoff at the thought of Testament's burly lead singer giving any credence to fashion? That's just insensitive, man. But what's with all the black? Is there any better way to celebrate a cancer-free bill of health than with a new wardrobe? This time, stick with T-shirts from bands favoring deep reds or greens, like Elton John or Massive Attack.

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