What Is The Best TV Show Of All Time? Martin? Really?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday (that isn't a national holiday) Rocks Off will have some of them hear discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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This Week's Panel: Bun B, Fat Tony, Montana, Kyle Hubbard, Thurogood Wordsmith, Renzo, Young Sensation

Not Invited: Tyler Perry, because he is the worst.

This Week's Prompt: This week's prompt is actually an extension of a conversation we were already having with one of your fellow Round Table members earlier this week. The question is simple: Which TV show is the best of all time?

We're inclined to go with The Wire, David Simon's brilliant portrayal of Baltimore's city streets. The characters, the storylines, the dynamic dialogue, everything; it's just about perfect in every conceivable way. It was the first TV show that we ever felt compelled to buy on DVD. Which show do you pick and why?

By the way, if you're going to say something like Lost, please consider this your formal dismissal from The Round Table. Thanks.

Bun B: I'd say All in the Family. Archie's warped views on racism, class, sexism and war raised discussions that carry on today.

Fat Tony: It's a toss up between Seinfeld and Martin. Larry David and Martin Lawrence are hilarious and similar in ways people may not notice. Both express the innate stupidity in men and our asshole-ish tendencies, but portray those traits through rather likable (often lovable) characters. We all have our faults and those two know how to bring out the humor in it pretty damn well, much like the greatest comedian of all-time, Richard Pryor.

Montana: Best is probably The Simpsons; they been around forever. Personally, [I] like Martin. I laugh every time even though I've seen every episode.

Kyle Hubbard: I feel like often times people have vastly different criteria for what the best show ever requires. I feel like a lot of people feel like serious tones and heavy plot lines are a must for a show to be considered a legit contender for the best show ever. I am not one of these people.

The show I would really like to crown the best is Arrested Development, but because it was so tragically cut short by lack of ratings (aka smart enough people in the world to get it) I think it gets disqualified. So with that said, I think I have to give the crown of best show ever to The Office.

The Office is the only show that can actually lighten my vibe when I am pissed off or in a shitty mood. No other show has ever been able to alter my mood but it. I have seen every episode of the series multiple times (word to Netflix) and there are only a few episodes that I skip when I watch it from Season 1 Episode 1 all the way up to the latest episode out, and I do that a lot. So I know it's not some super-deep examination of the world around us, but it's a great escape and extremely hilarious.

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