What Does Batman Have To Do With "Jingle Bells"?

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Toady___batman_reindeer nov30.JPG
Jingle Bells! Batman smells

Robin laid an egg.

Batmobile lost a wheel

And the Joker got away.

Everyone has heard this parody of "Jingle Bells." In fact, for a couple of years Rocks off had recited this version so many times that when called upon to sing the original version we realized we had actually forgotten the words.

It's a funny little parody, with many, many variations - our favorite being where instead of getting away the Joker takes ballet, but where did this famous bit of schoolyard nonsense come from?

If you're Rocks Off's age, then you probably remember rushing home from school in 1992 to catch Batman: The Animated Series. One of the very first episodes of that acclaimed show was "Christmas With the Joker," in which the Ace of Knaves held a TV studio hostage to film his own holiday special.

In that episode The Joker himself sings the song while escaping from Arkham Asylum, so it stands to reason that maybe that's where we all heard it first.


Three years before that, Bart Simpson sang the song in The Simpsons' first Christmas special. Does that mean Matt Groening is the man behind the tune?


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