Toy Story, Now Starring Houston Rappers

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At the Serrano household - among the toddler sect, anyway - the Toy Story trilogy is generally regarded as man's greatest creative achievement, followed closely by Reese's Sonic Blasts and poop jokes. There was no way our two boys weren't being Woody and Buzz Lightyear for Halloween this year.

We actually bought their Toy Story costumes about three weeks ago, but since then the boys have refused to wear anything else. When dressing them in the morning, it's either you get their Buzz and Woody outfits or you get ready for two three-year-olds to act like total assholes all day.

This past week, we've been letting the boys watch increments of the movie after the dinner. It's been a Toy Story-palooza. The movies, particularly the third, are fairly good. So we've been thinking a lot about them. Which is why when you click the jump you're going to see a list of some Houston folk that we've recast into the roles.


123472820toy20story20woody nov9.jpg

This one pretty much writes itself. Woody is the leader of his gang. He's as passionate about his beliefs (even when it'd be more convenient and less worrisome if he weren't) as he is loyal to those that stand with him. This one has to be Trae.

buzz lightyear nov9.JPG
Buzz Lightyear

Easy: Bun B. Bun is the closest to a superhero we have here in Houston. He's respected and liked by everyone. Also, Buzz is from another planet. Bun is from Port A. Have you ever been there?

toy-story-3-lotso-minifigure nov9.jpg
Lotso, Toy Story 3 villain

Lotso appears to be a loveable, huggable, good-intentioned fellow but, as it is, turns out to be the most manipulative and conniving villain in the Toy Story trilogy (and second all time, losing out only to Scar from The Lion King). If we had any balls, we'd cast J. Prince in this role.

But we're spineless, so we'll go ahead and throw The Box into this role, which works out especially neatly since Woody (Trae) is his main adversary.

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