Top Five Rap Duos That Will Probably Never Happen

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This Week's Rapper: Ldavoice

The Weakened, H.I.S.D.'s follow-up LP to 2007's heralded The District, has just come out. Get it here. And be back here for a breakdown of it in Thursday's Y'all Musta Forgot column.

This Week's Subject(s): Duo rap albums that will never be

Ask A Rapper: Kanye got to leaking information about his upcoming duo album he's doing with Jay-Z. Lots of people are already going yo-yo for it, and rightfully so; like it or not, those are two of the best, most powerful rappers out today. Nas and Damien Marley had a (pretty good) duo album together. E-40 and Too Short just released news that they're making one soon too. It's en vogue, apparently. So that got us to thinking: What other rappers would you like to see do a duo album?

Ldavoice's Picks:

1. Blu C Fashawn: They're just too dope; one great song away from blowing up. Seriously underrated MCs.

2. Mos Def & Talib Kweli: Although they've already made an album together like, 12 years ago, it would do both their fans and themselves a favor if they release another Black Star album.

3. Phonte & Elzhi: Two of the most consistent yet underrated dope MCs over the last 10 years whose groups dissolved but were able to still make great music.

4. Andre 3000 & Big Boi: Hip-hop and the listening public needs another OutKast album baaaaaaad.

5. Rick Ross & Young Jeezy: I think it would be an interesting album for you to have two dudes who are just-under-mediocre rappers who get bailed out by good production.

We're a tad more Houstoncentric, thus:

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