"Straight Outta Hogwarts": The Birth Of Wizard Rap

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The beginning of the end is here, as Rocks Off and approximately 1.21 gazillion fans flock to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 to see the end of the saga. Many things have sprung up in the wake of the awesome cultural phenomenon. Great things like Potter Puppet Pals! Terrible things like erotic fan fiction involving Lance Bass from N*Sync in a threesome with the Weasley Twins.

But the most amazing thing that J. K. Rowling's little book series has created is a whole new genre of music. Wizard Rock is awesome in the fact that it exists at all... we just wish the music wasn't so bloody awful.

Now salvation has come to us from Electric Spoofaloo in the birth of Wizard Rap and their video for "Straight Outta Hogwarts." Rocks Off Electric Spoofaloo's head writer, the adorable, pixie-like Devon Kelly (who portrays "Mr. The Chosen One" in the video) what could have brought about this brave new world of music.

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N.W.A.: Wandless and weak.
Rocks Off: Is this just a parody, or have you finally begun the genre of Wizard Rap?

Devon Kelly: Sometimes the greatest art forms happen by accident. I think we're sort of the Post-It of the internet. You know, the Post-It guy originally set out to make a special kind of spray adhesive, but he ended up with a better invention.

We set out to do a parody, but we discovered that wizards actually make really awesome rappers. In our case, the Post-It Guy is Shane Dawson, the mastermind who came up with the idea to do the whole parody in the first place.

RO: How "street" is being a wizard?

DK: It really depends on the street. Everything's relative. I'm sure that compared to, say, The Queen, that the HP peeps are very street. Especially Hermione. Her walk is very purposeful and thug-like. She's always marching everywhere and yelling at people.

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