Roky Moon & BOLT Set Free Show For December 18

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Photos by Marc Brubaker
BOLT drummer Jeoaf Johnson, who had no trouble being heard Saturday.
At Saturday night's Roky Moon & BOLT LP release show at the Mink, the PA was blown out, rendering the sets from the Ton Tons and BOLT without vocals or much sound at all aside from the amps. The headliners were disappointed by the turn of events and quickly made plans to make it right for the fans who paid for the gig.

On December 18, the band will be setting up shop at Fitzgerald's and is currently putting together a lineup with Fitz owner Omar Afra for a free make-up show, just in time for Christmas, or whatever December holiday you may observe.

We talked to RM&B drummer Jeoaf Johnson this afternoon as he was delivering copies of the band's new album to local stores, so you can purchase them. Places like Cactus Music, Sig's Lagoon and Sound Exchange. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Go buy their album already.

You can gander at a slideshow from Saturday here. It's full of hipsters and crap, and some people we call friends.

Rocks Off: What happened to the PA?

Jeoaf Johnson: The soundboard just died, man. Literally in the middle of the show, it just died. We had some issues with the Mink's house board the night before for Fat Tony's CD release, too, so we brought in another board early Saturday, tested it out and thought it was all gonna be fine. Unfortunately, both boards were older than dirt and neither one had one more night left in them.

We had actually planned to toss the previous board off of the roof of the Mink at the end of the night as a sort of drunken, hedonistic climax to the evening, but I ended up having to scurry back up to the roof to retrieve it to try to use for the Ton Tons' set, but it was no use.

025 Roky Moon and Bolt.jpg
RO: But you guys did pull through...

JJ: Yeah. During Aaron's solo, Roky always turns back to me and we have little conversations or try to crack each other up. But this time it was, "Do we keep going?" and then, "Uh, probably not."

But then at the end of the song, Aaron made a really good point: There were 300 people there at the end of a long night, having a great time, cheering us on and being more supportive than we ever could have imagined or hoped for.

So immediately after the show, Roky and I sat down and started toying with the idea of making it up to everyone who had come out, paid for a show and supported us, but didn't get what they were promised. We talked to Omar [Afra] at Fitz and we were able to work out an arrangement to make the redo show completely free for everyone. It was the only right thing to do.

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