Remember H.I.S.D.'s The Weakend?

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The Weakend (Peace Uv Mine, 2010)

The Weakend is only the second full-length album that the now-veteran group Hueston Independent Spit District has ever released. Their first, released back in 2007, was The District. It was good. Consider them 2 for 2.

If you're not familiar with The District (understandable, considering it scored a 96 Y'allmustaforgotability rating), read this. Go ahead...


Good. Now that you're all caught up, the rest of this review will make sense.

(Projected) Y'allmustaforgotability: 89 percent

This one gets a bump up (or down, rather) from their last score on account of H.I.S.D.'s expanded fan base. You do realize that these guys have been kicking for nearly four years now, right?

Read what Y'allmustaforgotability means.

Underlying Narrative on the Album That You Probably Missed:

weakend alt nov4.jpg
There are two main differences between The District and The Weakend; as it is, you can't really have one without the other.

The District was a fun, edgeless, earthy album. The Weakend is a mature, involved, meta album. The District served mostly to champion its own soulful production, with the H.I.S.D. rappers lollygagging around within their own pre-set fences. With The Weakend, the production has drifted out into the cosmos; the rappers are incidental spaceman, an analogy that is both literal and figurative at the same time. That's the second main difference. See if you can keep up:

The title, to begin, is a double entendre, referring both to an actual weekend, which is the amount of digital time that elapses over the course of the album, and the end of The Weak (The Weak = anything that sucks), which is one of the underlying tenets of the album.

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