Prince William: Who's Playing The Royal Wedding?

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Now, if it were Prince Harry's wedding...
Sorry, ladies. Prince William is (almost!) officially off the market. When the future King of England officially announced his engagement to girlfriend Kate Middleton earlier today, Rocks Off instantly envisioned potential entertainers for the couple's 2011 wedding.

As usual, our minds mostly gravitated toward the preposterous, but we think this lineup would make for a colorful royal reception. Can you imagine what this wedding gig would pay?

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Odds: 5,000:1

Nothing says "Happy nuptials" like a familial scuffle. Brothers and bandmates Liam and Noel Gallagher are no strangers to public sibling spats. The Manchester natives' turbulent history peaked with Noel's 2009 announcement that he was quitting Oasis after 18 years. Between public outbursts of head-butting and spitting at one another and smashing each others' guitars, we're entertained just entertaining the outlandish idea of such dysfunction at the otherwise utterly proper affair.

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Odds: 100:1

Pop singer and animal-rights devotee Pink aims her activist efforts high, slamming Prince William for his interest in fox hunting, calling him a "redneck from the South." The move wasn't the singer's first petition to the Royal Family; she'd earlier written a letter to William's grandmother Queen Elizabeth, protesting Her Majesty's guards' use of bearskin hats. Props to the singer for defending her beliefs, but we don't expect to see the PETA pop princess at this wedding.

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