Top Eight Worst Musician Vanity Film Projects

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Rocks Off won't speak for everyone, but if we ever found ourselves a platinum-selling artist, we kinda doubt we'd press our luck by veering off into the world of acting. We mean, it hardly ever works from the opposite direction (right, Don Johnson?), so what good can possibly come from assuming otherwise?

But that's us. How does that quote from Die Hard go? "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer." Once a musician has already topped the charts, sold millions of records and packed stadiums from coast to coast, perhaps their inner Alexander gets a little antsy to prove himself in other areas.

Sometimes it works. Sinatra, Timberlake (go watch Alpha Dog), Bjork... they've all made critically acclaimed films and - more to the point - been singled out for praise themselves. It's not enough to merely Dave Pirner your way through a scene in Reality Bites, you gotta be better than those around you to get respect as a musician-turned-actor.

Or you could just screw the pooch entirely. Like these people.

8. Vanilla Ice, Cool As Ice

Rocks Off is sure the constant Robbie Van Winkle pile-on can seem perplexing to some of you, to the point where you might actually consider, we don't know, feeling sorry for the guy. Don't. Either you've gotten soft in your autumn years, or you aren't old enough to remember how inescapable "Ice Ice Baby" was back in 1990.

It turned normally respectable individuals into hideous wannabe MCs and continued our nation's unfortunate obsession with baggy pants from which we've still yet to free ourselves. Most of you have probably never seen Cool As Ice, and for that you should thank whatever dark gods you worship.

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