Friday Night: Ghostland Observatory At Warehouse Live

Ghostland A nov1.JPG
Photos by Marc Brubaker
Ghostland Observatory
Warehouse Live
October 29, 2010

For more photos from the show, see our wild 'n' crazy slideshow here.

As Rocks Off approached Warehouse Live Friday, we were treated to a group of construction workers and true Halloween-costume fashion, of course. We may have been one of the few crowd members who didn't get the costume memo. Many were packed in like sardines marinated with liquor and beer, ready to get down to one of the most visually intense shows Warehouse Live has had this year. But the Austin duo's music was just as overwhelming.

Kicking things off with "Glitter" from latest album Codename: Rondo, Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner engineered an aural assault that would continue through the entire set: Synthy bouts of melodies echoing through the venue; syncopated techno beats pounding as consistently as the shots being consumed at the bar; Behrens' Freddy Mercury-esque vocals ascending to intense heights while cutting through every electronic blip and bleep; and a deep, zapping bass permeating its rhythm through our chest and vibrating the walls.

Oh yeah. Then there were the lasers.

Ghostland B nov1.JPG
According to Aftermath's research - and a discussion with one of the sound engineers at Warehouse Live - Ghostland's crew spent spent hours installing and setting up the ridiculous amount of machines that would later disgorge a blinding barrage of colors and streams of light. Some of these lasers have to be perfectly installed less they point in the wrong direction and permanently blind someone.

The colors were the classic kryptonite green, vibrant fuchsia, sunny yellow and powder blue, all pulsating in perfect time to the music. Other times the lasers did a strobe-light freakout, rendering you temporarily unable to see what was in front of you. These lights pulsating at a rate of insanity was worth the price of admission alone.

"Miracles" got our hips swaying in motions as cheesy as an '80s music video, fists pumping along with the throngs of frat boys and sorority girls trying not to shimmy too hard lest they fall out of their tiny devil or nurse costume. One of the new album's stronger tracks, it translated into one of the evening's largest dance numbers.

"Give Me the Beat," another Rondo track, was a kick-drum stomper that revved up the crowd. Aftermath spent most of the evening leaning against the back wall, allowing the beats to reverberate from the sheet-rock while watching the variety of costumed people getting down with their bad selves, spilling their drinks with every twist and turn.

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