Lil Wayne: Can He Stay Off Booze For Three Years?

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted
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This Week's Rapper: LIMB and Himself

This Week's Subject(s): Introducing the "What's More Likely?" game

Ask A Rapper: Weezy just got out of prison, and one of the conditions of his parole is that he can not consume alcohol for (we think) three years. That seems ridiculous to us. They might as well have told him that he can't breathe for three years.

But it brings to mind an interesting game that we just made up. It's called "What's More Likely?" and it's pretty simple. All you have to do is tell us which is more likely to happen. Then you give us a brief explanation why. Understand? Great. We'll start with the inspiration for this game. And here we go:

What's more likely, Lil' Wayne avoids alcohol for three years or J. Prince goes three years without having someone accuse him of strong arm-ery?

LIMB and Himself: As long as Lil Wayne's agreement doesn't mention anything about him getting bronchitis and using Codeine as a remedy, my money is on him.

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AAR: What's more likely, that Z-Ro releases an album in 2012 with all-new material or Slim Thug makes it past February without offending someone on Twitter?

LIMB: Even if you're not Slim Thug (which is most of us), it's hard to go a few days without offending someone. I don't know really know what he said, but I hope he keeps offending people online, because that's what it's really all about. And what if the Mayans predicted Z-Ro would drop an album in 2012 and we just misinterpreted it?

AAR: What's more likely, that Trae and The Box end their feud, or a significant portion of Houstonians inexplicably grow gills and start an underwater city off of the Galveston shoreline?

LIMB: I don't know if it's more likely, but I could really get on with the idea of Houstonian mermaids. M E R M A I D S all caps with spaces.

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